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8 Secrets of 7-Figure Network Marketers

Network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is one of the most powerful business models where anyone with an ambition to succeed and willingness to work hard, could get started and gradually build a substantially huge business. However, making a SIX or SEVEN figure income a year is not very common in the industry, though its possible by anyone. So, what differentiates these high-income earners from others? Everyone sees their accomplishments, but no one sees what goes in their minds and efforts. After being in the industry for more than a decade and analysing the highly successful and unsuccessful people in the industry very closely, I came up with the below EIGHT traits of SEVEN FIGURE income earners.

  1. Belief: The people who become hugely successful in network marketing have very high level of belief in the business. And this is contagious and attracts others to join him in the business. 
  2. The WHY: Successful network marketers have their “WHY” clear from the very beginning. When entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Travis Kalanick (Uber) get excited about an idea or an opportunity (A problem that could be solved), successful MLM entrepreneurs may not be driven by an idea but by a lifestyle. These solopreneurs see the business as a vehicle to change their lifestyle. The lifestyle may be represented by more time, may be an escape from rat race, may be financial freedom.
  3. Dominant Thought: Successful entrepreneurs think, talk and breathe the business. Their dominant thought is the business. Everything in their lives revolves around the business and business becomes the center of their lives. Many atimes people call them BRAIN WASHED.
  4. Single Minded: These Seven figure income earners don’t usually have any back door open. They burn their bridges and get focused on only one mission.
  5. Planning: The people who becomes successful in any endeavors of life seem to be very good in planning. And successful network marketers are no different. They have long term, and also short-term goals. They set goals and plans to accomplish those.
  6. Massive action: Fuelled by the dominant thought about the business, these entrepreneurs take massive actions. As business is the centre of their lives, they get really busy paying the price with their eyes fixated on the destination.
  7. Mentorship: These highly motivated entrepreneurs have insatiable hunger for knowledge to grow themselves and their businesses. They seek out mentor ship from other successful individuals by listening, associating with them and reading different personally development books.
  8. People focussed: The business building activities in Network Marketing involves Retailing and Networking. Retailing involves products and Networking involves people. These highly successful entrepreneurs spend most of their business time in empowering and helping people (Finding and developing leaders). They may not be expert inproducts.

Knowing about all the above traits, the question comes to mind- Can I, as an MLM entrepreneur develop these qualities? The answer is YES. As a matter of fact, not all the high-income network marketers had all the traits within themselves when they started the business. As they started building their businesses, they slowly developed few other qualities.

How to grow the above qualities? It’s important to understand here that the beliefs that we currently have and the way we think is due to how and what we experienced (perceived through five senses) until now. Every child is born with a mind like a BLANK sheet of paper. And as we grow older, the blank sheet is written with what we- see, hear, feel, taste and smell. And from here the character, belief, values and thought process are formed. Some call it “WIRING” of the brain, and some call it “SUBCONSCIOUS MIND”.

Any new qualities or traits can be developed just like the old ones but in a short span of time, by embedding directly into the subconscious mind and by disciplining the conscious mind to identify and stop negative thoughts and practicing new thoughts.

So, at conscious mind level the below can be practiced.

  1. Practice consciousness meditation everyday
  2. Identify and kill negative thoughts as they come in
  3. Practice positive self-talk, listen to positive people/talk
  4. Read positive and inspirational books/articles
  5. Network and associate with positive people

At subconscious mind level, the below can be practiced.

  1. Mediate to reach Alpha state of mind (To reach subconscious mind)
  2. Visualize your dreams as if you have already achieved those

Some powerful books to read about mind and its programming are

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Phycho- Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz , Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter.

NOTE: It’s very important to mention here, that there are a lot of companies in Network Marketing industry. You should look at the company’s age, history (Very important), stability and product range before joining one. If you want to learn and be involved in the exciting business of Network Marketing, you could schedule a FREE 30 mins call with us.

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