A Step-By-Step Complete Guide Revealing The Secrets of Success

What is Network Marketing?

How to Make Money In Network Marketing Business

A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

You will learn in this value packed 207 pages eBook:

  • Step-by-step, how to launch and scale your network marketing business
  • What is Network Marketing and how does it compare with other online businesses out there
  • What is the difference between genuine network marketing business and an illegal pyramid scheme. How to spot them?
  • How to make your success in the business almost certain by implementing the unique Goal setting and Game planning technique of six & seven figure network marketers.
  • Choosing the right network marketing company is extremely important as you you don't want it to shut down all of a sudden making al your efforts to go waste. You will know 5 powerful points to analyze a network marketing company.
  • Learn the cutting edge Online marketing strategies, to get a constant flow of people requesting to join as your downline.
  • Your business may experience stagnation sometime. Learn the secret to instantly create massive momentum in your business.
  • Learn the secret formula of quick success of 7 figure network marketers they never share.
  • How to stop your downlines to quit the business and make them your raving lifelong fans.
  • How to put your business on autopilot and see your business grow.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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Contents in the book:

This book is put together considering your Network Marketing business as a journey where the destination is your financial freedom. You will be taken step-by-step in each chapter, from preparation of your journey to reaching your destination.

Chapter 1: What is network marketing

Chapter 2: Network marketing in digital age

Chapter 3: Preparation for the journey

Chapter 4: Choosing the vehicle

Chapter 5: Knowing your destination

Chapter 6: Fuel for your journey

Chapter 7: Planning your journey

Chapter 8: The journey

Chapter 9: Retention

Chapter 10: Depth Vs Width

Chapter 11: Phases in business

Chapter 12: Conclusion


What Our Readers Say about the Book

“The pull marketing strategy was an eye opener for me. I focussed on Instagram which fitted well with beauty products that I deal with, in my MLM business. I got 12 downlines in 2 months of implementing the strategy. Now, I get at least 2-4 leads every week. This book is a game changer”

Cathy F.

“After 2 years in my network marketing business, I was about to quit, as I was not making any money from the business. During that time, I came across one of Som's youtube video and read the book. I also joined his Mastermind which was immensely helped me, as I was not a social media savvy person then. I now focus mainly on retailing, which has been very profitable for me. My Facebook fan page has now more than 1K followers, most of them being my loyal customers.”

Mathias H.


What’s Inside the Book?

Pull & Push Marketing

Understand the basics of marketing funnel and how clever network marketers are using the internet, to recruit and retail products and skyrocketing their business.

Smart Planning Mechanism

Know the game planning and goal setting mechanism, which helps you to accomplish more, in less time so that you can maintain balance between job, family and business.

Make Yourself Unstoppable

Learn about how to make yourself unstoppable and guarantee your success by programming your subconscious mind. Learn the mysteries of your mind and techniques to master it.

About the Author

Som Prakash

Som, has a Masters Degree in International Business and has close to two decades of experience in Information Technology. Som had a deep inclination to entrepreneurship since his University days. He started more than 15 different online businesses and failed in most of them, before succeeding in TWO of them. One of them is the MLM business which he initially never believed in. But, after meeting few of his business mentors, his perception about the business and its potential, changed. He started building the business quite passionately. Now, the business has expanded into multiple countries with thousands of people as downlines. Som, has spoken on stages, in many countries, and now coaches and mentors people in many countries on entrepreneurship and network marketing business.

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